Floor coatings for concrete surfaces

A concrete surface is porous, subject to wear and tear, prone to give off dust and absorb grime and frequently exhibits a chemical-induced weathering process. The durability, compactness and ease of cleaning of concrete surfaces can be enhanced through the application of paint and coatings. Surface treatment also enhances the overall appearance of a concrete surface.

Concrete floors should be treated at least with water-borne TEKNOSPRO® BINDER PLUS Dust-binder so that the floor surface does not become dusty and dirt does not get into the pores of the concrete. This also improves surface strength and wear resistance. Colourless TEKNOSPRO BINDER PLUS doesn't colour or darken treated mineral surfaces.


Painted concrete floors withstand chemical and mechanical stresses extremely well. TEKNOFLOOR® paints and coatings have good adhesion to concrete and the surface strength is increased. Mechanical stress objected to the concrete floor needs to be taken into consideration when choosing the right product. 


Teknofloor® aqua

Semi-gloss, water-borne floor paint for low and medium stress in indoor use. For new and previously with alkyd or acrylate paint painted concrete and wooden surfaces: floors and stairs, rooms, cellars, storage spaces etc. 



A two-component, glossy, solvent-free epoxy coating for concrete floors whenever hard abrasion is required. Low viscous, self-levelling, solvent-free floor coating, which is also free from benzyl alcohol. CE approval for protection of concrete structures.


Teknofloor® 500F

A solvent-free two-pack epoxy coating for concrete floors with a good mechanical resistance. Can be used on the floors of food production spaces. Withstands water, chemicals, oil, grease and petrol. M1 Emission Classification and CE approval.


coating systems for concrete floors


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