Acrylic top coat

  • Corrosion protective
  • 1-component
  • Water-borne
  • Topcoat

TEKNOCRYL AQUA 2935-20 is a air drying, water dilutable acrylic top coat. It contains anticorrosive pigments.

TEKNOCRYL AQUA 2935-20 is used as a one coat for metal surfaces.

Fast drying. High layer thicknesses can be achieved without cracks.

Solids abt. 42 % by volume
Weight solids abt. 55 % by weight
Volatile organic compound (VOC) abt. 50 g/l
Gloss Matt
Density abt. 1.3 g/ml
Recommended film thickness The recommended maximal film thickness is 60 µm dry film.
Drying time – dust free After 30 min
Drying time – touch dry after 90 min
Thinner Water
Clean up Water