Paint for tile roofs

  • Water-borne

Water-borne, acrylate based tile roof paint for maintenance painting of concrete tiles. Finish: full-matt.

KIRJO TILE is a special paint designed for maintenance painting of old tile roofs. It is suitable for both industrially painted and throughout dyed concrete and cement roof tiles.

Surface preparation

In order to achieve successful results, the surface to be painted must be completely cleaned from dirt, flaking and poorly adherent old paint or coating as well as brittle top layer of the concrete. Remove loose dirt, moss and other growth from tile roof by brushing. Clean the brushed roof using RENSA ROOF roof wash. Wet the tile surface before applying the detergent. Apply the detergent (e.g. using a low-pressure spray) and brush strongly. Rinse with clean water using a high pressure washer. NOTE! Detergent must not dry onto the surface to be painted. Allow the washed tile surface to dry completely before priming.


Reserve a sufficient amount of paint in the same vessel for each uniform surface. Colour differences will thus be avoided. Stir thoroughly before use. Top coat is not thinned

Application conditions

The surface to be treated must be dry. During the application and drying period (note also the temperature of the night following the application) the temperature of the ambient air, the surface and the product shall be above +10°C and the relative air humidity below 80%.


The painted surface withstands rain in normal conditions after abt. three hours drying. The final forming of the paint film takes 3 - 4 weeks under normal circumstances and after that the ultimate durability and hardness is reached. Before this the painted surface must be treated with care. The painted surface can be cleaned with water and a neutral (pH 6 - 8) detergent, if needed. For very dirty surfaces can also alkalescent (pH 8 - 10) detergents be used. Follow the dilution and other instructions of the detergent producer when using detergents. Roof painted with KIRJO TILE can in the future be further maintenance painted with KIRJO TILE tile roof paint according to the instructions.


Must not freeze.

Suitable airless nozzle size 0.015 - 0.019".
Solids abt. 37 % by volume
Volatile organic compound (VOC) EU VOC limit value (kat A/i): 140 g/l. The product's VOC: max. 140 g/l.
Gloss Full-matt
Density abt. 1.25 g/ml
Practical spreading rate 4 - 7 m²/l/ applied once with brush, depending on the absorbency and profile of the tile surface.
Drying time – dust free 1 h
Drying time - overcoatable 8 h
Thinner Water.
Clean up Wash the equipment immediately after use. Warm water and RENSA BRUSH brush cleaner.
Colours T2504 Graphite grey, T2510 Brick red, T2513 Brown, T2515 Black.
Packages T2504, T2510, T2513, T2515: 10 l, 20 l.
Safety markings See safety data sheet.
Approvals & certificates Finnish Key Flag