New water-borne road-marking paint lengthens the painting season

Damp weather in spring and autumn create particularly challenging conditions for the drying of water-borne paints. A new innovation by Teknos enables the lengthening of the painting season, based on the new water-borne TENOROAD 3059 road-marking paint, which dries extra fast.

Teknos already has over 50 years of experience in the development of road-marking paint products. Its wide range includes both solvent-based and water-borne products.

The latest product development star is the new, fast-drying water-borne TEKNOROAD 3059 road-marking paint. TEKNOROAD 3059, a markedly faster-drying new paint, was created based on new technology. Thanks to this new technology, the painting season can now begin earlier in the spring and be continued longer into the autumn.

Both white and yellow TEKNOROAD 3059 meet European standard EN 1436 on colour tones for road-marking paints. Teknos’ industrial coatings sales team will be delighted to provide additional information on the new water-borne road-marking paint and our other road-marking products.