Teknos has updated its anti-corrosion painting systems to comply with the new ISO 12944-5:2018 standard

The newest, third edition of ISO 12944-5 standard was issued in the spring of this year, 2018. The standard defines the types of paint and painting systems for corrosion protection of steel structures. Teknos has updated its painting systems to comply with the standard.

The essential changes

The new ISO 12944-5 standard covers new corrosivity categories, new immersion categories, and new durability ranges. Corrosivity categories continue to range from C1 to C5. In addition to that, there is a new corrosivity category CX that describes painting systems for offshore and extreme environments.

For immersion, there is a new category Im4, which covers the conditions for immersed structures in sea and brackish water together with cathodic protection. The standard also introduces a new durability range, very high (VH), for the longest durability time of over 25 years.

The new ISO 12944-5 standard now also accepts one-layer painting (DTM, direct to metal) with different paint chemistries. Furthermore, the systems have been built up to favour high-solid paints. In addition to polyurethane technology, other coating technologies like polysiloxanes, polyaspartic and fluoropolymer are also allowed as alternatives in this new standard edition.

Constructing painting systems in the Teknos way

Teknos painting systems complying with the new standard have been designed and named according to the first layer (primer). The top coat can be chosen according to technical demands.

The names of the one-layer DTM systems contain the word COMBI, as well as the corresponding dry film thickness. The naming principle is the same with multilayer COMBI painting systems.

Teknos has designed its zinc-rich painting systems with 60 µm dry film thickness to follow the new recommendation of 60-80 µm.

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