Teknos Group changes its organizational structure and appoints new management team

Teknos is updating its strategy for 2019-2025 with the ambition to grow the company to EUR 1 billion net sales by the end of the strategy period. At the same time, Teknos changes its organizational model to become more customer focused and appoints new management team to drive the change and to boost the growth.

Balance, sustainability, customer experience and continuous improvement culture will be the main themes for Teknos for the next 6 years.

“As a family owned company, it is utmost important for me to ensure continuity for the company. We need to have balance in all of the decisions we make and actions we take. We will focus more on sustainability in our processes, products, services, and everything we do. To deliver unique customer experience, we need to further develop our service and product concepts. To succeed in the previously mentioned initiatives, we will build a culture of continuous improvement with an ambition to provide even better service to our customers”, summarizes Paula Salastie, CEO & Owner of Teknos.

In order to become more customer focused, Teknos updates its organizational structure and creates a new group function Customer Experience Management (CEM) to manage the whole customer experience.

“We want to create a truly customer-centric strategy to optimize all the interactions from the customer’s perspective. We have certain customers that use coatings from all of our current segments (Metal, Industrial Wood, and Architectural Coatings) and currently they have to adapt to our structure when turning to us for help. Furthermore, we have certain distributors that would like to offer all our products. We aim for one face towards these customers and distributors”, explains Marcel Dissel, Teknos’ new Chief Commercial Officer.

Further changes in the organizational structure are centralized Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) & Product Portfolio Management (PPM), extended Group Marketing & Communications function as well as renewed focus on innovation, procurement and sustainability.

Teknos Management Team

  • Paula Salastie, CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Marcel Dissel, CCO (Chief Commercial Officer)
  • Tuukka Ryynänen, CTO (Chief Technology Officer)
  • Kalle Härkönen, COO (Chief Operations Officer)
  • Fredrik Calenius, CPO (Chief Procurement Officer)
  • Minna Koistinen, CMCO (Chief Marketing & Communications Officer)
  • Jacek Karnicki, CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer)
  • Pasi Taipalus, CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

The new Teknos management team will replace Teknos’ current Corporate Management group as of 1st August 2018.

The personnel changes in the composition of the management team:

  • Marcel Dissel has been appointed Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), responsible for the Customer Experience Management (CEM) function as of 17th of April. Marcel has been working in Teknos since the acquisition of FEYCO TREFFERT in 2017 as Strategic Business Unit Director and later as Segment Director and member of Corporate Management Group. Prior to this, he has been CEO of FEYCO TREFFERT for 7 years.
  • Minna Koistinen has been appointed Chief Marketing & Communications Officer (CMCO) as of 17th of April and a member of Teknos Management Team as of 1st August 2018. Minna started at Teknos in May 2016 as Group Communications Manager. Before Teknos, Minna has 15 years' experience within Marketing, Communications and Brand management. Most recently, she was leading the Corporate Communications Function in Oriola-KD Corporation during 2012-2016.
  • Arto Mannonen, Senior Vice President for Teknos Architectural Coatings Segment will continue in the Corporate Management Group until end of July after which Arto will continue as a Managing Director of Teknos Finland, the biggest Teknos country making up 30% of the group net sales. Furthermore, he will become a member of the board in multiple other Teknos countries. Arto will also become a member of the new CEM Management Team.
  • Lassi Tirkkonen, Senior Vice President for Teknos Metal Paints & Coatings Segment,will continue in the Corporate Management Group until end of July after which Lassi will concentrate on enhancing the agreed strategic countries’ business plans as a Business Development Director until his retirement.
  • Kim Smith, previously Senior Vice President for Teknos Wood Segment and a member of Corporate Management Group, has left Teknos on 5 March.


Further information

Paula Salastie
tel. +358 9 5060 9313

Marcel Dissel
Chief Commercial Officer
tel. +41 79 281 5161

Paula Salastie

Chief Executive Officer 

Marcel Dissel

Chief Commercial Officer