Salko Painting and Teknos - One of a kinds

Based in Forssa, Salko Painting Oy is the only subcontracting paintshop in Finland using the GSB quality system. Quality monitoring focuses on controlling the whole process and closely steers all operations. Cooperation with Teknos ensures quick deliveries and a unique service.

“Since the establishment of our company, it has been clear that we invest in quality, and therefore, we have acquired the GSB certificate. The GSB quality system is not useful to all subcontracting paintshops, but for us as a company specialised in the surface treatment of aluminium profiles, the GSB quality system enables operation in a wider sector,” says Salko Painting Oy's CEO Jouni Pulkkinen.

Quality monitoring focuses on controlling the whole process and closely steers all operations down to the smallest detail. All test results are carefully documented and inspected by GSB quality inspectors at regular intervals. 

For example, in order to achieve a successful end result it is important that profiles are correctly placed in the pre-treatment rack and hung on painting frames.

“During the pre-treatment process, profiles are stacked in a rack in such a way that liquid can flow freely and affect all surfaces. The painting frames have also been designed in such a way that the whole hanging height can be used, profiles are painted in the correct way and the point of hanging is not visible on the surface of a finished product,” Jouni Pulkkinen describes.

“The importance of pre-treatment is emphasised on sawn surfaces, as they are left bare and exposed to corrosion. The purpose of pre-treatment is to prevent the formation of filiform corrosion between metal and paint,” Pulkkinen explains.

As a pre-treated surface tends to gather impurities from the air, dried and cooled items must be powder-coated within 24 hours using GSB-approved powder coating in order to ensure corrosion protection that meets the requirements of the quality system.

Teknos offers the best service and delivery times

Salko Painting Oy's employees have decades of experience in surface treatment and refinement in the construction product industry. The powder coating of aluminium profiles at Salko was started already in 2001. A change in the market situation enabled the establishment of Salko Painting Oy in 2014. In the new situation, an enormous amount of additional capacity was needed along with a new energy-efficient line. Powder coating was selected as the sum of several factors.

”Teknos offers the best service and delivery times. The availability of powder coatings is exceptional; no one in Finland is able to deliver paints as quickly as they can,” says Salko Painting Oy's Production Manager Ville Pajula gratefully.

“Speed is also our selling point, as we can serve our customers within a couple of hours. Teknos' operation supports our operation,” adds Pajula.

Eager participation in product development projects

Both Jouni Pulkkinen and Ville Pajula emphasise the importance of technical support. They are especially grateful for Teknos' eagerness to participate in product development projects.

“One of our projects required especially demanding metallic shades and structured surfaces. Thanks to Teknos' product development, the customer approved all colours. Quite an achievement from the paint manufacturer,” Ville Pajula states.

Perfect oven graph

The new pre-treatment and painting line in Salko Painting Oy's paintshop has been designed and delivered by Finnish Sasmetor Oy. Powder coating equipment has been manufactured by Gema and conveyors by Al-Con Conveyer A/S.

 “The paintshop was delivered to us as a “turnkey” delivery. The layout of the line is very successful; unused square metres have been minimised, and all areas interact with each other,” Jouni Pulkkinen says.

On Gema's powder coating line, paint spraying can easily be managed, colour can be changed very quickly and powder coatings can be recycled in a flexible manner. Ovens designed and delivered by Sasmetor are energy-efficient and maintain an even temperature.

“The oven graph is extremely good with regard to heat distribution and even temperature, and it does not require any repair procedures on the oven,” says Teknos' Sales Engineer Tero Lahti gratefully. “Hats off to the equipment supplier,”adds Ville Pajula.