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What you get with Teknos as your partner in wind turbine design and manufacturing

Teknos is an innovative, technology-oriented and customer-focused company with dedicated paints and coatings for use in wind turbine construction. Our product portfolio covers practically all application areas in wind turbines, from rotor blades to internal components to splash and immersion zones of offshore towers. We respond to the unique needs of wind turbine manufacturers with dedicated technical support and R&D service.  

Choose Teknos as your expert paint and coating partner for these advantages: 


Optimum coating quality with user-friendly paint products         Durability and corrosion protection for 25+ years        Solutions for onshore and offshore environments within -40 ◦C to +45 ◦C 

Fast curing products to increase output      Low VOC coatings to increase sustainability       Expert technical support at all stages, from specification to application 


Sustainability is key to Teknos - ideal paint and coating provider for wind power



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See Teknos solutions for wind power maintenance

In addition to paint and coating solutions for wind turbine manufacturing, we offer superior solutions specifically designed for turbine blade repair. Save time and reduce cost, especially in offshore wind farms. 

Make repair work up to 6 times faster

Quality paints and coating solutions for every need in the wind power industry

Wind turbine towers

With extensive experience and a wide product range, Teknos provides paint systems for wind turbine towers in different environments, including onshore and offshore turbine structures.
Alongside traditional solvent-based products, Teknos offers alternative water-based and high solids solvent-based paints for turbine structure surfaces. We have developed our paint systems to meet EN ISO 12944, EN ISO 20340 and NORSOK M-501.
With Teknos as a partner in planning, turbine manufacturers can achieve an innovative, simplified paint system with fewer coats that still offers enhanced anti-corrosion benefits.



Offshore turbine foundations are a critical area for high durability. The best possible paint and coating solutions are needed for protecting immersion and splash zones in offshore wind farms.

From elastomeric coatings for boat landings to protective coatings for oil industry floatation tanks, Teknos is an expert in protecting assets in a marine environment. We are familiar with the challenges of high humidity, low temperature and maximum salt content, and are accustomed to developing solutions for these harsh conditions.

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Turbine blades and fiberglass components

Teknos is an expert in producing paints and coatings for fiberglass reinforced composites. We provide paints and coatings specially designed for wind turbine blades.

Our portfolio offers a full range of advanced solutions from priming to finishing paints and putties to enhance the performance and longevity of turbine blades. The products have been proven effective in different environments ranging from challenging to harsh.

Discover innovative Teknos products for turbine blade manufacture.

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Wind turbine components

Since the early days of modern wind turbine design, Teknos has been supplying quality paints for turbine components, including generators, transformers and electrical motors. Our products are based on waterborne, low-solvent or fully solvent-free formulations and a wide range of powder coating solutions designed for both smooth and blasted surfaces.  
We have paint solutions for materials such as steel, including thin plate structures, cast iron, aluminium and fiberglass substrate. With Teknos, you can achieve the optimal coating to meet your design requirements. 

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Wind power case study: when good design and good paint work together

“Ever since the beginning of our cooperation with Teknos, we have been enthusiastic about their practical approach, their theoretical knowledge, high level of service and flexibility."

Our customer Andresen Towers developed a concept for wind turbine construction that simplifies transport and makes it possible to haul towers everywhere. Read how our product TEKNODUR COMBI 3560 met the high demands made for the turbine surface paint.

Read the customer case study

Protecting World’s largest offshore wind farm’s turbine foundations with elastomeric polyurea coating

Corrosion protection provider Krebs Korrosionsschutz GmbH was searching for a polyurea supplier for a new application area: offshore wind turbine foundations. With Teknos as a polyurea supplier, a supportive consulting and training partner came into the picture as well. Starting a large-scale project, especially when using new application techniques, equipment, chemistry and paint supplier, everything is based on trust and commitment.

Read the reference story


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