What you get with Teknos as your partner in wind turbine design and manufacturing

Teknos is an innovative, technology-oriented and customer-focused company with dedicated paints and coatings for use in wind turbine construction. Our product portfolio covers practically all application areas in wind turbines, from rotor blades to internal components to splash and immersion zones of offshore towers. We respond to the unique needs of wind turbine manufacturers with dedicated technical support and R&D service.  

Choose Teknos as your expert paint and coating partner for these advantages: 


Optimum coating quality with user-friendly paint products         Durability and corrosion protection for 25+ years        Solutions for onshore and offshore environments within -40 ◦C to +45 ◦C 

Fast curing products to increase output      Low VOC coatings to increase sustainability       Expert technical support at all stages, from specification to application 


Sustainability is key to Teknos - ideal paint and coating provider for wind power


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Allan Bonde Jensen
Business Development Manager, Energy


See Teknos solutions for wind power maintenance

In addition to paint and coating solutions for wind turbine manufacturing, we offer superior solutions specifically designed for turbine blade repair. Save time and reduce cost, especially in offshore wind farms. 

Make repair work up to 6 times faster