Ready to welcome back the locals - Garibaldi bar renovated with AQUAPRIMER 2900 and PLATIN 4545

Voted best local pub in 2019, The Garibaldi based in Woking is one step closer to welcoming back local visitors in the summer with a newly renovated bar.

MCK Maintenance, a highly skilled team who provide painting and decorating services, property maintenance and bespoke joinery work, were tasked with stripping and re-lacquering Garibaldi’s bar to ensure a durable, long-lasting finish.

Step-by-step process

To begin the process, 2 coats of chemical stripper was applied to the surface whilst the edges and lacquer was scraped back with blades. Before applying AQUA PRIMER 2900 (tinted to Walnut), the surfaces were sanded with a Mirka Orbital sander starting with P80, P120 and P240. Afterwards, all surfaces were hand sanded using Mirka Goldflex P320 sanding pads.

AQUA PRIMER 2900, a translucent waterborne primer for industrial wood, was then applied using a 2” Purdy brush to cut into edges and corners. The coat was fully rolled on with 4” mohair rollers.

Over the years, the surface had been impregnated with lacquer; making it impossible to completely remove previous applications. As a result, this caused a fish eye effect. To fix this, MCK Maintenance decided to overroll with a dry roller and a second coat of AQUA PRIMER 2900 was applied to even out the wood colour.

After 4 hours of drying, the surface was denibbed using P320 hand pads and wiped over with a tack cloth in preparation for the first coat of Teknos Platin 4545 - an extremely hard-wearing, water-based, clear lacquer for wood. This process was repeated until 8 coats had been achieved. MCK Maintenance explains, "We ended up applying 8 coats as the heating had been switched on prior to coat 6 being applied. Also, an additonal coat was required as a staff member placed their hand on the surface."

MCK Maintenance recommend using site or spot lamps to illuminate areas where lacquer may not be covered correctly.

Take a look at the finishing results below:

Download the PDF version of MCK Maintenance's bar renovation project.


A translucent waterborne industrial wood primer designated for exterior use such as windows and doors.

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An extremely hard-wearing, water-based, clear lacquer for wooden and parquet floors.

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