Unique conservatory in Kent painted in teknos coating system

Joinery For All Seasons are a hand-made joinery company based in Kent, who produce stunning joinery for windows, doors, conservatories, and orangeries for their customers. They pride themselves in providing a personal service; from design and planning, all the way through to completion. Joinery For All Seasons were approached by a customer in need of rebuilding their hardwood conservatory. The customer was so thrilled with the finish that they then decided to complete the new facade with windows to match. For this stunning transformation, Teknos paints were chosen by Joinery For All Seasons to provide a long-lasting, durable coating that will keep the the conservatory exterior and windows protected for many years to come.

Application method and process

To begin the process, ANTISTAIN AQUA 2901, a specialist waterborne primer, was applied using a Merka spray gun. Using this choice of primer reduces surface discoloration caused by tannins in hardwood. After one coat of primer was applied, two coats of AQUATOP 2600 covered the conservatory and exterior windows. AQUATOP 2600 is a water based, exterior topcoat for wooden windows, doors, conservatories, and leisure buildings. It is highly resistant to bacteria, mould, and UV attack and leaves a flexible, durable and micro porous protective film. Choosing a Country Cream colour for the windows and a Garden Green for the conservatory, the exterior now has a unique, attractive look which compliments the entirety of the house.


Joinery For All Seasons Cottage in Kent


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