Timber garage doors built by craftsmen

Proving that homeowners can have highly efficient garage doors that are also beautiful, Woodrite Doors in Northamptonshire create some fine examples

Their range of timber garage doors are hand-built and finished to exacting standards. To keep them looking good for years, Woodrite coat their products in Teknos paints to give them UV protection and a superb finish.

Traditionally, they’ve constructed their products from Western Red Cedar, chosen for its lightweight properties – essential for large doors that need to be lifted – and its ability to take colour well. In recent years however, they’ve introduced their Thetford range of doors in Accoya which are proving extremely popular with their distributors. Technical Manager Michael Hodson explains “Not only is Accoya robust but it retains its looks due to the treatment that the timber goes through to fix tannins and resins. As a result we offer a 10 year finish warranty on this range – unheard of for a timber garage door!”

Woodrite stain their doors in Teknos AQUAPRIMER 2900 water based base stain which they apply by dipping. This is  available in a range of natural shades like The Cotswolds Collection and Forest Inspirations that enhance the inherent beauty of the wood as well as protecting it. They follow with translucent topcoats in Teknos AQUATOP 2600 that complement the base stain and provide a highly effective layer of weather-resistance.

Michael says “Recent trends have seen more demand for opaque finishes, greys are particularly popular and we use Teknos AQUATOP 2600 opaque paint tinted to the customer’s colour of choice for these jobs. With the popularity of an oak-look we also use Idigbo timber, which is lighter and more robust than oak but with a similar look and coat it in Teknos WOODEX Aqua Wood Oil.“

Homeowners can now enjoy Woodrites’ craftsmanship and construction techniques in the form of timber gates with the introduction of their Kinver range.

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