Woodex Aqua Wood Oil

Wood Oil

Non film forming. Ideal for decking etc. UV protection only when tinted. It helps prevent cracking and moisture damage. Touch dry in 4 hours, fully dry in 16 hours. Use as a part of annual maintenance.
Applications A waterborne tintable wood oil that is absorbed into the wood with no visible film so is ideal for surfaces that need to be non-slippy such as decking. Also use for fences, trellises, garden furniture and doors. 
Type Waterborne tintable wood oil 
Classified to Group M1
Gloss level Semigloss
Spreading rate Sawn timber 5–8 m²/l, Planed timber 8–10 m²/l
Thinner Water
Application method Brush, sponge or spray
Priming recommendation Woodex Aqua base
Package sizes 0.9, 2.7 Litres

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