Teknos was the trusted paint brand chosen by Cotswood Doors to help give a beautiful finish to a customer’s new front door

Cotswood Doors supplies and installs bespoke joinery, specifically traditional front doors which are designed to be secure, warm and look stunning. The company also installs decorative glass and focuses on the traditional architectural details to produce truly spectacular results, and with TeknosIndustry, each door’s beautiful finish will be long-lasting. 

One of Cotswood Doors’ customers requested for their new front door to look just like the original; only stronger and designed to last. The Accoya joinery was made to fit the extra wide door frame and the inherent strength of the wood enabled it to remain in position, unlike the previous front door which had dropped in its frame. After a few challenges, where the new plasterwork in the hall meant that the door frame width had to be modified slightly, the new front door was in position and ready to be painted.

TeknosIndustry was chosen for the job as the paint system is specifically engineered for use on Accoya wood. AQUATOP 2600, a waterbased exterior topcoat, was used on the outside of the front door to protect it from weather damage; the product has a flexible micro-porous film which is resistant to bacteria, mould and UV rays. Andrew Beale from Cotswood Doors commented, “We use Teknos for all opaque coatings. Our customers expect extremely good quality joinery and glass so it is important to us that the paint is of the best quality too. TeknosIndustry coatings are sustainable, offer a great finish, have low VOCs so are safe for use in people’s homes, and they are long-lasting so the products tick all the boxes for us.”

TeknosIndustry continues to be used by Cotswood Doors for its reputable customer support and fast delivery service.