Teknos Futura Aqua brightens new homeowners' interior woodwork

Paint Palette Decorating based in Dursley, Gloucestershire were asked by a client to add colour and personality to their new build and make it feel more like home. After three years of living in the property, the homeowners wanted to uplift their home with a vibrant yet modern colour palette.

Alongside this, the client requested a long-lasting finish which would not yellow over time. To help Paint Palette Decorating achieve this specification, the Teknos FUTURA AQUA range was the perfect solution for the homeowner’s requirements. Paint Palette Decorating chose FUTURA AQUA for it’s excellent durability and coverage whilst ensuring a fantastic semi-gloss finish.

To begin the process, a dust-free sanding system was used throughout the project to limit the amount of dust and to prep for a smooth surface to work from. Then, FUTURA AQUA primer, an excellent water-based adhesive primer, was applied to the wooden surfaces to create a durable base for the topcoat. Afterwards, FUTURA AQUA 40, a water-based semi-gloss topcoat, provided great wear resistance; leaving a supreme finish. Both products were brush and roller applied using Blaze Brushes and Two Fussy Blokes 4” Rollers.

Jo Sully, owner at Paint Palette Decorating, describes Teknos FUTURA AQUA primer as a dream to use.

Download the PDF version of Paint Palette Decorating's Futura Aqua project.

FUTURA AQUA primer: water-borne, full-matt primer

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Futura Aqua 40: water-borne, semi-gloss top coat

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