Coronavirus COVID-19


Actions taken at Teknos A/S in consequence of Coronavirus COVID-19

Updated 2020-03-25

Dear customer

The uncertainty around the global spread of Coronavirus COVID-19 continues to increase. We understand this is a difficult situation for everybody. Teknos takes its responsibilities to the wellbeing and welfare of its staff, customers and suppliers extremely seriously.

We have taken preventative actions to ensure the best possible delivery. Our management group meet in a daily skype call where we update the current initiatives. We also follow the recommendations issued by the authorities.

  • Teknos A/S does not shut down its operations, but we take the situation serious
  • We have secured our supply chain so that we can maintain deliveries to our customers.
  • Our carriers can pass Danish boarders as Fast Track has been established across the borders. It is reported that this is also the case between other countries that have currently closed their borders.
  • Our customer service is open as usual - phone +45 7693 9400 and email
  • We have taken precautions in our offices, i.e. ensuring our administrative staff to the extent possible will be working from home
  • We have shielded our production and laboratory personnel in the best possible way, among other things by working in two-team shifts
  • Our sales and technical consultants are available on the phone and virtually depending on your wishes
  • All international journeys are cancelled until further notice
  • All meeting activity at Teknos between our customers, suppliers and Teknos takes place only by telephone or online.
  • Teknos Group is monitoring the development of Coronavirus pandemic carefully. At the moment we do not see direct impact on Teknos operations or the raw material supply, however, we cannot disregard that minor delays may occur in relation to the logistics.
  • We will keep you informed if the situation changes or if we identify any risk for the disturbance of our deliveries.

Best regards
Teknos A/S

Marlene Andersen
Sales Director Industrial Wood
Peter Gørlitz
Sales Director General Industry