UVILUX 6450-01

UV-curing top lacquer

  • Lacquer

Surface treatment of wood and furniture parts.

Surface treatment of wood and furniture parts.

The cured lacquer provides a smooth and hard surface with excellent chemical and mechanical resistance. Furniture test - Field of application: Chairs/beds/shelves: Extra high demands. Tables: High demands. Less exposed surfaces: Extra high demands.


Stir thoroughly before use.


Should not be exposed to temperatures above +40°C. Should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Must not freeze. Store in a tightly closed container. The storage stability is shown on the label.

Cures under UV-lamps.
Weight solids abt. 100 % by weight
Volatile organic compound (VOC) abt. 16 g/l
Gloss Matt
Drying time – fully cured 5-10 m/min. per lamp Hg (80 W/cm).
Thinner The product is delivered ready for use.
Clean up TEKNOSOLV 1129
Colours For addition of tinting paste please contact Teknos.
Safety markings See safety data sheet.