Water-borne UV-enamel

  • Water-borne

Water-borne UV-curing enamel. Surface treatment of primed pine, spruce, MDF, HDF, and chipboards for use indoors.

Quick drying and UV-curable after evaporation of water. After UV-curing the enamel is hard-wearing and resistant equal to traditional AC-lacquers.

Surface preparation

The wood must be free from wood dust and contamination. The wood humidity must be below 15%. The optimum is 7-11%.

Application conditions

Stir thoroughly before use. For evaluation of ventilation, please contact Teknos consultant. Max. weight for stacking 5 kg/cm² at max. +35°C heartwood temperature. Certain wood species such as cedar, oak, mahogany, ash, etc. contain water-borne extractives, which can leach through the coating and stain opaque finishes. Please contact our technical department for further information.


Most suitable storage temperature is +5°C - +25°C. Protected against frost and not above +30°C. Should not be exposed to direct sunlight. The storage stability is shown on the label. Store in a tightly closed container.

Convection oven + UV-light.
Volatile organic compound (VOC) abt. 54 g/l
Gloss Semi-matt
Tinting system Teknocolor
Clean up Water, TEKNOCLEAN 1949-00.
Colours RAL, NCS S and BS. Other colours by agreement. Available in base 1 (white) and base 3 (clear). The colour depends on the used primer. For further information, please contact our laboratory. TEKNOLUX AQUA 1728-12 is supplied to be tinted in the specified Teknos tinting system, and it is recommended only to use recipes that are already listed in Teknos’ tinting machines. When changing any listed tinting recipe, Teknos' product liability elapses.
Safety markings See safety data sheet.