TEKNODUR 9202-10

Polyurethan top coat

  • Corrosion protective
  • 2-component
  • Solvent-borne
  • Topcoat

TEKNODUR 9202-10 is a two-pack polyurethane topcoat. The hardener is an aliphatic isocyanate resin.

TEKNODUR 9202-10 is a high quality und versatile topcoat.

TEKNODUR 9202-10 is a semi-gloss two-pack Polyurethane topcoat with a very good adhesion on Teknodur Primer 3420 / 3420-01 or 3422 and also on steel-, zinc and aluminium surfaces. It has good corrosion resistance, high finish quality and also a good weather resistance.

Surface preparation

Remove from the surface any contaminants that might be detrimental to surface preparation and coating. Remove also water-soluble salts by using appropriate methods. The surface should be prepared as follows: Use suitable primer, e.g. TEKNODUR PRIMER 3420 TEKNODUR PRIMER 3420-01 TEKNODUR PRIMER 3422 STEEL SURFACES: Remove mill scale and rust by blast cleaning to preparation grade Sa 2½ (standard ISO 8501-1). Roughening the surface of thin-plate improves the adhesion of the paint to the substrate. OLD PAINTED SURFACES SUITABLE FOR OVERCOATING: Any impurities that might be detrimental to the application of paint (e.g. grease and salts) are to be removed. The surface must be dry and clean. Old, painted surfaces that have exceeded the maximum over coating time are to be roughened as well.
Solids abt. 42 % by volume
Weight solids abt. 52 % by weight
Volatile organic compound (VOC) abt. 520 g/l
Pot life 4 h (+23 °C)
Mixing ratio 10:1 by volume (comp. A : comp. B)
Gloss Semi-gloss
Drying time – dust free after 30 min (7500) / after 18 min (7255-10)
Drying time – touch dry after 8 h (7500) / after 4 h (7255-10)
Drying time – forced drying 60°C / 30 min
Thinner Standard dilution: TEKNOSOLV 6740
Clean up TEKNOSOLV 6740