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It’s important that we not only provide a high quality products, but also the support for our clients. We resolve issues quickly because we possess deep product, technical and machinery expertise and we understand your business.

Our customers need to speak with someone knowledgeable to answer the questions or get a quick help, therefore they are backed by a team of technicians able to provide knowledge and assistance. We field one of Europe’s most respected technical support and service organisations. Our technicians and laboratory personnel are experienced in wood and wood preservation, drying and application techniques and processes, and other parameters that can affect your product’s quality. 

We are ready to assist you whether you’re selecting a new coating or fine-tuning an existing process and are on hand to help you with any support you require, including:

- Wood species, wood-based materials and their treatment
- Chemical and constructive wood preservation
- Control and adjustment of viscosity
- Temperature and humidity
- Drying and drying times
- UV curing settings
- Wet and dry layer thickness
- Avoidance of processing errors
- Best practice examples
- Safety precautions
- Equipment and machines in woodworking

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Are you looking for the right coating for your product? We’ll find the solution that fits! Teknos places a comprehensive product range and an internationally experienced team of application technology experts at your disposal. We are ready to support you.

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