The one-CAN solution for cladding

Faster production and reduced costs for industrial coating

Are you looking to improve efficiencies in the manufacture of cladding? Teknos brings you brand new TEKNOCLAD 3370 and 3371 industrial coating for cladding.

This direct-to-wood coating is a one-tin waterborne product. That's right, primer, intermediate and topcoat all in one tin of paint! Reduce product changes during the application process, speed up production times and reduce your costs.

Product highlights

  • Direct-to-wood application
  • Excellent block resistance
  • Very good adhesion and levelling properties
  • Application by spray or brush machine
  • Available in translucent and opaque finishes
  • Available in 20 gloss
  • Suitable for all wood species

All this in one tin of paint, making ordering, application and processing simpler and quicker than ever.

Coating example

 TEKNOCLAD 3370 Topcoat  TEKNOCLAD 3371 Topcoat
 TEKNOCLAD 3370 Topcoat  TEKNOCLAD 3371 Topcoat