The environment is the top priority

Škoda Transtech Ltd.’s customers have great expectations when it comes to the products they order. Carefully conducted inspections of work phases combined with Teknos’ high quality and environmentally friendly products ensure that VOC emissions are minimised in Škoda Transtech’s paint shop, and that customers get what they are expecting.

Škoda Transtech Ltd., one of Finland’s biggest surface treatment plants, had already begun cooperating with Teknos in the 1980s. After several test paintings and long consideration, Transtech ended up using low solvent TEKNODUR COMBI 3560 products.

According to Product Engineer Jukka Savilampi, finding the right products has nevertheless rewarded the long-term research work and the whole process has proven to be worth the effort.

"The VOC regulations forced us to seek new painting solutions. The idea of building a regenerative thermal oxidizer was left aside, because it would have been too large and uneconomic an investment. Water-borne alternatives were seriously considered, but maintaining consistent conditions on the large painting lines would also have required a large investment. The solution was found in Teknos’ new technology low solvent polyurethane paints", Mr. Jukka Savilampi reveals.

Sleeping car

Optimal coating process ensured trough careful background work

Škoda Transtech Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of double deck rolling stock in the Nordic Countries, and an important contract manufacturer of demanding engineering workshop products. There are two surface treatment lines, including a steel/chrome grit blasting unit, primer unit, and surface coating and drying chambers.

The largest allowable component size is 4,500 mm x 4,500 mm x 26,000 mm; components larger than that are surface coated in the assembly hall. Due to the extremely large areas of rolling stock products, the applicable working methods and paint properties were tailored to suit large surfaces. This took place in close cooperation with Teknos.

"As soon as we were certain about the functionality of the low solvent products, we performed four large test paintings. In connection with these test paintings, we searched for drying times and methods that meet our needs and make the surface as close to traditional solvent-based paint as possible", Mr. Savilampi recapitulates.

Faster throughput times, high quality, mechanical durability and weather resistance, and a significant reduction in VOC emissions are the properties we were seeking.

"We invested in 2-component pumps and trained our painters. With TEKNODUR COMBI 3560 it is possible to achieve the sought-after film thickness with only one coat. I must admit that at first the painters had to adopt a new attitude and trust that it really is possible to spray enough paint in a single-coat to achieve, for instance, corrosivity category C4", Mr. Savilampi recalls.

Jukka Savilampi is an experienced surface treatment expert. His career in the painting business began as long ago as 1981. Since then, Jukka has graduated as a machine and production engineer and the Finnish Constructional Steelwork Association has granted him the qualification of supervisor of steel structures.

"A diverse job description and challenges set by environmental issues and new products make this job interesting and every day unique", Jukka states.

Faster throughput time is a significant bonus

Today, almost all of Transtech’s engineering workshop products are painted with the low solvent polyurethane paint TEKNODUR COMBI 3560.

"Faster throughput times, high quality, mechanical durability and weather resistance, and a significant reduction in VOC emissions are the properties we were seeking. We achieved them with the new low solvent TEKNODUR COMBI 3560 polyurethane coating system", Jukka Savilampi acknowledges.

In addition to limiting VOC emissions, harm to the environment can be prevented by distilling cleaning thinners and recycling package materials, among other means. Some paints are delivered in 1,000 litre containers. After use, these are collected by the container manufacturer for reuse. In general, the aim is to increase the usage of bigger containers. At Transtech, employee training has proven important in environmental protection and occupational safety work.


All-round know-how

The Škoda Transtech factory’s know-how is highly versatile. Its product range includes demanding welded steel and machined constructions, trams, passenger coaches, sleeping cars, freight cars, mining vehicles etc.

Coating system for bogies, corrosivity category C5

  • Surface preparation Sa 2½.
  • Roughness G 3-4 SFS-ISO 8503-2
  • Coating system EPZn(R)PUR 140/2
  • TEKNOZINC 90 SE 1 x 40 µm
  • TEKNODUR COMBI 3560 1 x 100 µm

Finnish company Škoda Transtech was founded in 1985 as Transtech. In 2015 Transtech became a member of Škoda Transportation Group. Today Škoda Transtech is a leading European rolling stock manufacturer of low-floor trams and double deck coaches.


Jonas Dubow
Group Commercial Director, Machinery