Skaala Group - A pioneer in clean technology

Skaala is making major investments in a development program for its Cleantech products. The impressive Skaala Cleantech Center stands in the middle of the new extension to the Ylihärmä plant, its structures enlivened by a matt metallic glow created with INFRALIT powder coating. 

Skaala Group Oy is located in Ylihärmä, Finland and was established in 1956. It is one of the largest service providers specializing in window, door, and glass solutions in the Nordic countries. Since the company was founded, it has used a made-to-measure concept, which enables efficient production on an industrial scale.

The EUR 15 million investment program in Skaala Group Oy's Ylihärmä plant, which was completed in August 2016, was the most extensive in the company's history. The entire production process was modernized, making Skaala's production more energy efficient and enabling the company to offer a wider range of products and solutions for its customers' needs. Thanks to the plant extension, which has a floor area of approximately 9,000 square meters, the total floor area of the Ylihärmä plants increased to 34,000 square meters. In addition to modernizing its production process, Skaala is making major investments in a development program for its Cleantech products.

Cleantech refers to environmental business that promotes the sustainable use of natural resources and reduces or prevents adverse environmental impacts due to the business. Clean technology can include products, services, processes, and technologies.

Skaala Cleantech Center

An interesting detail of the new extension to the Ylihärmä plant is the stylish, two-story glass structure, which houses meeting premises on the upper floor, providing an impressive view over the production area.

The exhibition space on the lower floor of the glass building showcases the company's existing and forthcoming solutions. In addition to customer events, the new Skaala Cleantech Center hosts training events for the company's own employees.

The aluminum structures that elegantly frame the glass walls are enlivened by a matt RAL EFFECT 840-M metallic colour created using a Teknos powder coating. The INFRALIT PE 8928-09 polyester powder coating, which carries GSB and Qualicoat material approvals, is particularly well suited to sites that demand excellent weather, corrosion, shine, and color durability.

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