Teknos China supports local distributor to deliver durable high-quality coatings systems for national high-tech railroad project led by Chinese Government

Teknos China is collaborating with a Chinese distributor to deliver coatings systems for a national railroad project led by the Chinese Government. Teknos China and the local distributor are committed to improving the surface treatment process by saving energy and improving sustainability. As a high-quality solution provider in the local railway industry, the distributor currently delivers Teknos’ durable TEKNODUR 0190, TEKNODUR 0130, and an epoxy polyurethane supporting system from Teknos. The products are specially developed to shorten the curing time in order to enhance faster throughput to save energy and resources.

Chinese train

Chinese government committed to developing national railroad infrastructure – railway length will be almost nine-fold compared to 10 years ago

At present, the Chinese government regards railway and urban rail transit projects as the key pillar of municipal construction, focusing on the preliminary work of 103 urban rail transit projects. The operating length of urban rail transit lines before 2011 was 835 kilometres, as that time only big cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou had urban rail lines. In the decade 2011-2020, many other small cities have remarkably developed their railway infrastructure, accounting for most of the newly built 6,560 kilometres. The total length has almost nine-folded during these nearly past 10 years, as it will reach 7,395 kilometres by 2020.

Chinese train interior designCustomised Teknos' epoxy primer only for railway market with Teknos' polyurethane middle coat and topcoat for application on chairs, interior panels and boards, armrests, and handrails.

Innovative research and development of coating systems to meet the needs of Chinese market

To fully realise the market demand of energy saving and environmental protection, the local Chinese Teknos R&D team optimised an existing product recipe to create a more fast speed curing primer, that also cures in low temperature. As a result, this special primer only for railway market enables to shorten the production time at customer site, thus reducing energy consumption in the construction process. Optimising also improved the protective performance of the coating, helping in reducing surface maintenance needs.

Peter Chu, sales director of Teknos China metal business, explained: “There is a high demand for energy saving and more sustainable coating system solutions in the Chinese market. Only by continuously improving and optimising the products can we meet the growing market demands. Teknos has been engaged in many projects in China's railway market. Each project is different, and we need to be flexible to adapt to the circumstances by making adjustments within the processes. Our ultimate purpose is to serve customers the best possible way and cooperate with all parties included to provide full customer satisfaction.”

Customer’s success is our success in surface treatment

This time, as a newly established constructor participated in the rail transit construction project, Teknos China assisted in establishing Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) for the construction and spraying process. Teknos China also organised training and guidance for the contractor’s personnel. This way the constructor together with Teknos’ support could ensure first-rate paint application and a fluent construction process. A common philosophy at Teknos is that the customer’s success is our success.

Chinese locomotive and wagon.jpgLocomotive and wagon coated with TEKNODUR 0190 for Jinan Railway, Shandong Province, China.


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Group Commercial Director, Machinery


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