Partnership approach to coating solutions for road maintenance equipment


High quality road maintenance equipment is used in harsh conditions and requires specific attention to protective coatings

RIKO Ribnica, the biggest producer of equipment for road maintenance in Slovenia, has business in Northern Europe, Russia and the Balkans area down to the UAE, and manufactures products like snow plugs, spreaders, road sweepers and boom movers.  These products are typically used in extremely demanding conditions, like in very low or high temperatures. They need to withstand ice, moisture, mechanical abrasion, salt and dust. Consequently, the quality demands for coatings are high.


A faster, simplified coating process

In 2008 RIKO Ribnica was using paints from another provider and received a demand to simplify and speed up the painting process. By then, the cooperation and the partnership with Teknos begun. The old epoxy/polyurethane protective coating system was replaced by a one-layer polyurethane system - TEKNODUR COMBI 3430 from Teknos.

High-quality products and an extensive product portfolio are important factors for RIKO Ribnica when selecting paint suppliers, but in everyday life these cannot be the only factors. "Superior knowledge, honesty, and hard work are important features for Riko Ribnica, and it is in this sprit that we also choose our partners. Company Teknos is definitely one of them. Throughout the years of good cooperation, Teknos Slovenia has not only been our coat supplier, but also a true partner that we can rely on. Fast and accurate deliveries, technical support and advising are definitely unique from all possible suppliers in this area," sums up Matija Brodnik, CEO, RIKO d.o.o. Ribnica.

“On top of providing great coatings, for RIKO Ribnica it is extremely important to have a partner with reliable and professional technical support advising us on the proper solution for each specific need.

Matija Brodnik, CEO, RIKO d.o.o. Ribnica


Jonas Dubow
Business Development Director, Machinery
jonas.dubow [@]


Company facts

Company: RIKO Ribnica d.o.o.
Headquarters: Ribnica / Slovenia

Company offers a broad array of advanced technology road maintenance machinery such as snow plows, snow blowers, spreaders, road sweepers, boom mowers and services of the highest quality – projectioning and engineering, metal cutting, metal bending, sandblasting and painting.

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TEKNODUR COMBI 3430 is a two-component anticorrosive pigmented polyurethane paint for steel, zinc and aluminium surfaces. The painted surface resists exposure to a harsh mechanical abrasion and high UV radiation. TEKNODUR COMBI 3430 is an excellent choice for machines and equipment operated in i.e. agriculture, forestry and steel construction.

Thanks to its excellent finishing appearance and wide variety of gloss levels TEKNODUR COMBI 3430 ensures the ideal outcome even for the most individual customer needs.



Direct-to-metal (DTM)

Fast production lead-time

High solids content

Decreased VOC emissions

Excellent UV and gloss resistance

High quality and durability

Highly resistant to mechanical abrasion

Long-lasting protection

Process-tolerant paint

Ease of application


Direct-to-metal high solids polyurethane paint

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