Protective coating solutions for nuclear power plants (NPP)

Teknos has extensive expertise in specifying and providing coatings for nuclear power plants.  We provide coating solutions for all the zones of a full NPP, as well as for the complete lifecycle of the asset from new construction through to maintenance.  Our paint systems are fully certified and have an excellent track record.

The paints used in nuclear power plants are specialised high performance products which undergo rigorous testing and certification programmes. Teknos has a full range of products for metal and concrete surfaces tested in accordance with international nuclear standards and requirements:

  • ASTM D 3911 (Standard test method for evaluating coatings used in light-water nuclear power plants at simulated design basis accident (DBA) conditions)
  • ASTM D 4082 (Standard test method for effects of gamma radiation on coatings for use in light-water nuclear power plants)
  • ISO 8690 (Decontamination of radioactively contaminated surfaces. Method of testing and assessing the ease of decontamination)
  • STUK-YTO-TR 210 (Requirements of Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority)
  • TBY (Technical Requirements for Surface Treatment in Swedish Nuclear Power Plants)

The Energy team at Teknos have the knowledge and expertise to help, advise and assist in developing your specifications.

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Protective coating systems for nuclear power stations


Olkiluoto nuclear power plant

Nuclear power plant units OL1, OL2 and OL3 at Olkiluoto (Finland)

A nuclear power plant’s steel and concrete surfaces are painted almost entirely with Teknos two-component epoxy coatings. In addition, some polyurethane and zinc silicate paints are used for elastic floor coatings and outside surfaces.

Olkiluoto OL3 building site

OL3 Nuclear island and turbine island in construction

Teknos is supplying paints for the OL3 reactor building.

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Teknos' high-class nuclear coating systems for metal and concrete surfaces in nuclear power plants (NPP)

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