Durable and even paint surface for environmental management machinery, quickly and easily

Wille is a multipurpose machine for the environmental management and maintenance of urban areas. As such, its requirements include especially high wear and weather resistance as well as a good appearance. The solution for coating challenging hydraulic cylinders turned out to be Teknos' newly launched low-solvent TEKNODUR COMBI 340 polyurethane paint, which has good levelling and whose paint film resembles that of a powder-coated surface in terms of gloss, hardness and appearance.

The new high solids polyurethane paint is excellent for painting small challenging parts

The small, complex parts are painted at Vilakone by hand using liquid paints. “All pieces painted with liquid paint are small, round and challenging to coat. The new TEKNODUR COMBI 340 polyurethane paint is very easy to paint with, it would require quite much "plastering" to make it drip,” says Ketola.

One bracket has space for 10 cylinders and painting them is quickly done. “Currently, we rotate the cylinders 90° when painting them, but our goal is to adjust the hanging so that the cylinders can rotate half a turn at a time. This way the painting process will become even quicker,” Ketola describes.

Liquid paint like powder coating

Powder coating is known for its even and hard surface. “For a liquid paint, TEKNODUR COMBI 340 polyurethane paint levels extremely well, and its surface matches that of powder paint in terms of gloss and hardness. When the priming is good and the nozzle is not worn, it yields an excellent surface. Only an expert can distinguish which piece has been painted with powder paint and which piece with 340 polyurethane paint,” Ketola explains. “The 340 is very good in terms of its mechanical durability,” says Ketola. “And in terms of its weather resistance,” adds Jan Åkerlund, Teknos.

Training and technical support for painters

Heikki Ketola at Vilakone Oy praises the teamwork with Teknos. “Collaboration with Teknos has been easy. We have been given technical support any time we have needed it. The training offered by Teknos has been very important for us. Especially our younger painters who have participated in the trainings have all been full of enthusiasm when they have come back from Teknos trainings,” says Ketola.

About Vilakone Oy

Founded in 1901, the Vilakone Oy company is part of the international Wihuri group. The group's net sales are EUR 1.9 billion, and it employs over 5,000 people. 

Vilakone Oy is the largest North European manufacturer of environmental management and maintenance machines in the 2.0–5.8 tonnes weight category. The company's key market areas are in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Russia and North America. The Wille environmental management machines have been manufactured since 1983.


“The TEKNODUR COMBI 340 is easy to paint with and its gloss, hardness and appearance match those of a powder paint surface,”
explain Heikki Ketola of Vilakone Oy (left) and Jan Åkerlund of Teknos.