Panel walls are back – Teknos launches new products for wood surfaces indoors

Treating panel and log surfaces have never been this easy! The new Teknos products PANEELISEINÄMAALI Paint for panel walls and HIRSIVAHA Wax for log surfaces bring new options to wood wall surfaces.  Breathable and easy-to-use products give stylish and durable protection to panel and log surfaces indoors.

-  Panel and log walls are no more used only at summer cottages. This trend was seen also on Housing Fair Finland 2017: log and wood was used in several homes as indoor wall material. We wanted to bring durable and breathable choices to protect wood walls, tells Sini Puonti, Product manager, Architectural Coatings, Teknos Oy

Beautiful and durable protection for panel and log walls

PANEELISEINÄMAALI is a new breathable, water-borne paint for all wood wall surfaces indoors. A stunning, silk-matt surface and wash resistance ensure a durable and stylish end result. The composition of the paint effectively prevents extracts in the wood from penetrating and no separate knotting lacquer or primer is required.

-  With PANEELISEINÄMAALI you can create a new look even for darkened surfaces quickly and easily. The paint is both opaque and breathable and excellent also for log surfaces, Puonti adds.  

Breathable protection for log surfaces

HIRSIVAHA is a new breathable wax for log and panel surfaces in dry and humid indoor premises. HIRSIVAHA which contains natural wax leaves a dirt- and water-repellient surface making it easy to clean. Colourless wax accentuates the natural colour of wood and tinted wax gives wood surfaces a beautiful translucent shade and protects the wood from UV radiation.

- Wax for log surfaces includes carnauba natural wax which is used for example in cosmetics, food products and pharmaceutical industry. The product is easy and safe to use and it gives a beautiful and durale protection for sensitive log.

Both products are suitable for use in dry areas as wella as in washrooms and changing rooms and holiday homes that are cold and humid during the winter. The products are low-emission and have been granted the best emission class (M1) for building materials.


More information:
Sini Puonti
Product Manager, Architectural Coatings
Teknos Oy
+ 358 43 824 8929