Decorating trend – rough surfaces

A variety of decorative coatings, such as those reminiscent of rough concrete walls, have been around for several years now, but rough details are now particularly trendy in the home.

Interior decor is taking inspiration from familiar industrial elements such as stone, concrete and other beautifully rough surface details. You don't need plaster to create a rough surface – a decorative textured coating will do.

You can achieve a dramatic effect when a contrasting basecoat shows through the surface.

It's easy to create lively, rough wall textures with Teknos' KOLIBRI SAND decorative textured coatings. This revamped range of decorative textured coatings now comes with a trendy new colour chart containing 13 dark, light and bright shades.

"You can use different colours and application techniques to create a variety of different surfaces with KOLIBRI SAND decorative textured coatings. The only limit is your imagination,” says Teknos Design Specialist Taina Jyrkkärinne.

A surface reminiscent of a plastered wall does not necessarily need to be grey or white. You can now let loose with more colourful shades. In Jyrkkärinne's opinion, the trendiest colours for decorative textured coatings are currently bright orange, green and turquoise.

“When applying a decorative textured coating with a brush, sponge or spatula, it's also worth trying different colour combinations of basecoat and coating. You can achieve a dramatic effect when a contrasting basecoat shows through the surface.”

“A wall with a coarse look and feel will definitely be eye-catching in the living room, and will create a bold, distinctive atmosphere,” says Jyrkkärinne.

Don't fear bold colours. If you later want to change the colour of your walls, you can paint over a KOLIBRI SAND decorative textured coating using, for example, the BIORA range of interior paints.