BIORA interior paints awarded a rare allergy-friendly certificate

The Allergy and Asthma Federation has certified Teknos' odourless and solvent-free range of BIORA interior paints as allergy-friendly. This rarely awarded certification guarantees that these paints do not contain any irritating substances, and will release as few emissions as possible. This is particularly important for those suffering from allergies – about half of all Finns.

All of the paints in Teknos' BIORA range have been certified. Certification requires that the paint's emissions have been minimised, and that it does not contain any irritating substances or high concentrations of substances that may trigger an allergic reaction.

- The paints were already very allergy-friendly, but we still carried out a little fine-tuning, says Product Development Chemist Harri Lipsonen from Teknos.

BIORA BALANCE interior paint is the first full-matte paint to receive this certification.

- Very few paints have been certified as allergy-friendly. In addition to our other requirements, emissions that manifest themselves as odours must dissipate within three days of painting, says Niki Alanko from the Allergy and Asthma Federation.

The majority of interior paints belong to the low-emission category M1, which is required for allergy-friendly certification. However, this category only requires emissions to dissipate four weeks after painting, which does not guarantee a paint's suitability for sensitive individuals.

Odourless and emission-free paints are not only important for those with allergies or asthmas, but also for the majority of Finns.

- One in three Finns suffers from an allergic snuffle, and half of all Finns are hypersensitive. For them, and also for families with children, it is vital that people are not exposed to excessive emissions when painting their home, says Alanko.

Products that have been certified as allergy-friendly carry a logo on the side of the can.