innovations, cooperation, and health at the core of sustainability in 2020

Coating manufacturer Teknos has published a non-financial information (NFI) report. The NFI report describes the Company’s sustainability actions in 2020.  

Sustainability is an integral part of Teknos Group’s strategy. In the strategy, Teknos set an ambition to become the most sustainable coating solutions provider in the industry. Sustainability is followed according to Teknos Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program and implemented through the way we do business.  

“We live in the world where resources are getting intensifying scarce. We need to find solutions and protect the choices we make by building things and processes so that they last. This requires everyone to move towards more circular practices: aim for longer-lasting solutions and the utilization of sustainable raw materials. As a family-owned company continuity is integral to us and we aspire to leave a better world for future generations,” says Paula Salastie, CEO of Teknos Group.  

Teknos strives for long-lasting products, increasing the use of sustainable raw materials, and innovating non-conventional surface treatment solutions. In 2020, Teknos launched a waterborne coating HYDRO WAX containing approximately 30% bio-based carbon. Additionally, Teknos focused on the development of barrier coatings for packaging industry with the goal to reduce plastic use in and enable better recyclability of packages. 

Working together with customers and partners for sustainability 

Teknos trains customers to save energy on their painting line or processes, reduce paint waste and ensure the safe use of chemicals. In 2020, Teknos rolled out a consumer guide for responsible painting, which provides tips for minimizing and correct handling of painting process leftovers. Teknos started to conceptualize services to help industrial customers reduce waste generated from the use of Teknos products. 

“Sustainability can only be achieved together. By working closely with our customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders, we can support them in reaching their sustainability goals and endeavors. Through partnering we utilize expertise from various fields to develop more sustainable solutions for the needs of different industries,” Paula explains. 

Exceptional year emphasized the importance of health and wellbeing 

Teknos is committed to the safe use of chemicals, developing solutions for improving living comfort and well-being, and reducing hazardous content in its products. In 2020, Teknos lowered the proportion of volatile organic compounds (VOC) by 2% from the 2019 level – a downward trend that continued from previous years. Teknos has set a goal of phasing out the addition of methylisothiazolinone (MIT) in all products by the end of 2025. Teknos used 64% less MIT in 2020 than in 2019. Another highlight from 2020 was the introduction of BIORA AIR, an indoor air cleaning wall paint for better indoor air quality. 

“Health and wellbeing are extremely important to us. We want to make living healthier by offering safe and certified products and innovating new solutions. Earlier we have developed for example antimicrobial coatings for more hygienic surfaces. Last year, we launched a paint with indoor air cleaning technology,” Paula explains.  

“Last year proved that we need to focus on not just the physical health and wellbeing with everyone, but also the mental wellbeing. At Teknos, we have created trainings and new ways of co-operating with each other. Everyone needs the connectivity. Even though exclusion and loneliness are not a new phenomenon in the urbanizing world, creating opportunities to meet and interact with distance has been emphasized with opportunities for doing so in a less formal manner”, Paula continues. 

Systematic work continues 

Teknos has set an ambitious goal for sustainability, and company made good progress in 2020. However, not all the set goals were achieved. The development of sustainability culture continues. 
“We acknowledge that bigger improvements are required in certain areas such as occupational safety and waste generation. Strategic emphasis will be placed especially on scarcity, security and climate change.” Paula summarizes.

Teknos NFI report 2020