Sustainable supply chain

Sustainability is one of the key strategic initiatives for Teknos Group and our target is to be the most sustainable coating solutions provider in the world. We want to ensure sustainable future for the next generations. We want our partners to share our values and goals towards sustainable business. At Teknos we aim to develop two-way, mutually beneficial relationships with our supply partners to deliver greater levels of sustainable solutions. We believe that sustainable procurement is achieved together with our partners and we want to cooperate with like-minded partners.


We see sustainability as a strategic component in all procurement activities in Teknos. Our procurement function aims to identify, monitor, and minimise negative environmental and social impacts of Teknos supply chain while ensuring that best possible economic conditions are met, and high quality ensured. In addition, the Policy sets working principles for procurement processes, including new supplier approval, preferred supplier criteria, supplier evaluation and category management.



We expect our suppliers to commit sustainable business practices. Together with our suppliers we want to protect the environment and people around us. We have created Supplier Code of Conduct to communicate our sustainability standards regarding following topics:

  • Environment
  • Health & safety
  • Labour & human rights
  • Business ethics & integrity
  • Chemical legislation
  • Management systems and commitment

Suppliers sustainability assessment with Ecovadis

We are only as good as our suppliers. We are constantly managing our network and monitoring our own and our suppliers’ sustainability performance. EcoVadis helps us to rate the sustainability of our suppliers and provides collaborative platform for continuous improvement with a lot of supporting guidance.

We evaluate suppliers’ sustainability performance according to four main areas and through the policies, actions and results gained under these areas.

EcoVadis collects suppliers’ answers and supportive documents through an online questionnaire, analyses the performance and presents a score card with sustainability profile for each supplier. Accordingly, we can find out strengths and weaknesses in supplier’s sustainability performance and help our suppliers to improve in the areas that need attention.

Sustainability assessment process

Our goals for sustainable procurement

We measure our sustainable procurement program with 2 main KPIs. These are:

  • Supplier code of conduct coverage: 95% by end of 2025, of direct raw material spend.
  • EcoVadis assessment coverage: 80% by end of 2025, of direct raw material spend.