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Supplier relationship management in Teknos

Development of continuous improvement mindset is one of our strategic initiatives.  In Teknos procurement and purchasing this means not only monitoring of our internal processes but also improvement in our existing supplier management practises and processes. As a part of this work, we have identified expectations towards our external resources. 
We have divided our supplier relationship management activities into three different areas

1) Supplier Performance Management including on-time-deliveries and supplier quality

2) Supplier Evaluations including self-assessment, financial tracking, sustainability evaluation and supplier audits

3) Supplier Innovation Management.

Supplier performance management

Our customer promises include reliable deliveries and consistent quality and that is what we expect from our suppliers as well. Teknos supplier performance management is including operational metrics such on-time-deliveries and supplier quality tracking.

  • Delivery performance tracking

We measure and monitor the on-time- delivery performance of our suppliers. Development of on-time-delivery performance is joint co-operation between us and supplier. Our target for supplier delivery ability and reliability is 97%.

  • Supplier quality tracking

In case of supplier quality issues, we follow our Teknos claim process. Our aim is not only to solve the problem currently on hand but to agree the actions to prevent the occurrence of the same topic.

Supplier evaluations

We want to know our business partners and it doesn´t matter if you are new supplier or existing business partner, we expect you to fill-in our Teknos Supplier Self-Assessment.  
In Teknos Supplier Self-Assessment we have gathered topics from several areas starting from Business Management to Product safety & Traceability Management. All the areas in the assessment are naturally supporting our goals and targets when moving towards more enhanced supply chain. During 2021 we have launched Supplier Self-Assessment campaign´s to on-board our existing suppliers into the assessment and to our supplier relationship management system.  
Results as well as the improvement areas in the self-assessment are communicated through your contact person in procurement/purchasing.

  • Financial tracking

We follow our supplier's financial well-being through credit score which is provided in our supplier relationship management platform. The financial score ranges from triple-A healthy to D which is considered Risky. Financial assessment is provided based on supplier´s VAT-number.

  • Supplier audits

We perform supplier audits annually with the help of our global HSEQ team. Suppliers are selected based on various topics related to quality, supply and/or category management process. We provide audit report and follow-up the actions with supplier after the audit.

  • Supplier sustainability monitoring

We are only as good as our suppliers. We are constantly managing our network and monitoring our own and our suppliers’ sustainability performance. EcoVadis helps us to rate the sustainability of our suppliers and to improve our cooperation in sustainability development.

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Standard terms and conditions

Teknos has its own General Terms and Conditions for Purchasing.


In order to improve our supplier invoice process and to reduce the ecological footprint, we wish to receive supplier invoices either by email or e-invoices. We encourage all our suppliers to start using e-invoices if possible.

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