Teknos has completed the acquisition of Feyco Treffert​

Teknos has completed the acquisition of Feyco Treffert, a company specializing in wood coatings, and Schekolin AG, as announced on April 11, 2017. The acquisition is an important part of Teknos’ growth strategy. The acquisition will provide Teknos with access to new markets in Switzerland, Malaysia, and the USA, and strengthen its position in the wood segment globally.  

“I’m extremely pleased with the fast, smooth, and successful completion of the acquisition. With net sales of CHF 77 million, which is about EUR 72 million, and more than 380 employees in 6 countries, Feyco Treffert is by far the biggest acquisition that Teknos has accomplished. We look forward to providing our customers with a globally expanded range of services, products, and R&D capabilities,” says Paula Salastie, CEO, Teknos Group Oy.   
The acquisition covers the companies of Feyco AG, in St. Margrethen, Switzerland, and Treffert Coatings GmbH, with its head office in Alzenau, Germany, together with their subsidiaries in China, Malaysia, and the USA. The acquisition also covers Schekolin AG, a company with an associated production plant in Bendern, Liechtenstein.    
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Paula Salastie

CEO Teknos Group Oy