Epoxy top coat

  • Chemical resistant
  • Wear resistant
  • 2-component
  • Solvent-borne
  • Top coat

TEKNOPLAST 50 is a semigloss, two-pack epoxy top coat.

Used as a top coat in abrasion and chemical resistant Epoxy Coating Systems K18, K19, K22 and K36 and also in maintenance coating systems K46 and K56. The paint has good adhesion to bare zinc, aluminium, thin-plate and acid-proof steel.

TEKNOPLAST 50 is quickly overcoatable and is therefore suited to a fast painting tempo. It is also suitable for application by twin-feed spray. The paint film withstands heavy abrasion, aqueous solutions of chemicals, oils, greases and solvents. TEKNOPLAST 50 withstands temporary dry heat up to +120°C. Frequent attacks by heat may cause the colour to change. TEKNOPLAST WINTER HARDENER 7212 (data sheet no. 1317) is to be used when painting at temperatures below +10°C .

Technical data sheet

Safety data sheet

Solids abt. 53 % by volume
Total mass of solids abt. 800 g/l
Volatile organic compound (VOC) abt. 430 g/l
Pot life 4 h (+23 °C)
Mixing ratio 4:1 by volume (comp. A : comp. B)
Gloss Semigloss
Tinting system Teknomix;Teknotint
Drying time – dust free after 1 h
Drying time – touch dry after 4 h
Thinner TEKNOSOLV 9506
Clean up TEKNOSOLV 9506 or TEKNOSOLV 9530