Sauna cleaner

RENSA SAUNA cleans and refreshes gently but efficiently sauna and other wash rooms.

RENSA SAUNA can be used on all surfaces of washrooms: wood, glazed and unglazed ceramic tiles, plaster etc. and old painted surfaces. RENSA SAUNA is a biodegradable product. It meets the requirements by OECD and by the Detergent regulation of European Parliament and the Council on detergents for biodegradability of all used raw material (OECD 301B, EC 648 / 2004).


Wet the surface to be cleaned with water before applying the detergent. This prevents the detergent from absorbing too much e.g. into wooden surfaces and drying too fast. Apply the detergent to the surface to be cleaned by using e.g. a brush, sponge or low-pressure spray (so-called garden spray). Let it act for abt. 10 minutes. Enhance the cleaning effect by brushing. The detergent must not dry on the surface to be cleaned - wet the surface again with the washing fluid, if needed. Rinse the surface thoroughly with clean water.


Must not freeze.

Special precautions

RENSA SAUNA is an efficient, but user-friendly and also biodegradable product. However, using the detergent must be followed with a reasonable caution. Avoid unnecessary skin contact and breathing the spray mist. Protect eyes from splashes. More information from product’s safety data sheet. The detergent does not harm the surfaces to be cleaned, but avoid unnecessary splashing. For the most delicate materials, e.g. textile surfaces, must be ensured efficient protection and suitability of the product by testing the effects on a small, unnoticeable area of the surface to be treated.
pH 11
Dilution For normal maintenance cleaning of sauna: 1 : 10 (1 litre of detergent to 10 litres of water). For pre-treatment before using protection for sauna or sauna wax: 1 : 5.
Thinner Water.
Packages 1 l.
Safety markings See Safety Data Sheet.
Approvals & certificates OECD 301B, EC 648 / 2004