Zinc silicone powder

  • Corrosion protective
  • Heat resistant
  • Powder coating

INFRALIT SI 8009-05 is based on silicone resin. The silicone resin gives the powder a very good resistance to heat. At elevated temperatures the powder melts, cures and forms the final paint film. INFRALIT SI 8009-05 contains also metallic zinc, which gives the powder good anticorrosive properties.

INFRALIT SI 8009-05 is mainly suitable for use on steel surfaces blast-cleaned to preparation grade Sa 2½, when the constructions will be exposed to severely corrosive environments and high temperatures. In order to achieve good protection against corrosion INFRALIT SI 8009-05 needs to overcoated with INFRALIT SI 8009-02 powder coating or comparable heat-resisting paint. The powder also has good weather resistance properties and can therefore be used both indoors and outdoors.

INFRALIT SI 8009-05 forms a heat resistant paint film that has good anticorrosive properties. The powder can be used at temperatures up to 600°C. The powder has inferior mechanical properties than conventional powders. With this product we recommend using a fluidization hopper. Especially when INFRALIT SI 8009-05 zinc silicone powder is used as a primer in painting system P242b, the paint film needs to be completely cured. If the powder is not cured completely adhesion between primer and top coat may be diminished.

Gloss Matt
Spraying CORONA
Curing time 30 min/200°C (metal temperature)
Gloss value 1-11