Silicone powder

  • Heat resistant
  • Powder coating

INFRALIT SI 8009-02 is a powder coating based on solid silicone resin. The silicone resin gives the powder a very good resistance to heat. At elevated temperature the powder will melt, cure and form the final paint film.

INFRALIT SI 8009-02 silicone powder is used whenever especially good resistance to heat is required. Product can be used at temperatures up to 600°C. The powder also has good weather resistance properties and can therefore be used both indoors and outdoors. The suitability of the metallic colours for outdoor use should be discussed with the paint manufacturer. Due to the special property of this product the mechanical properties are not on a par with those of conventional powders. With this product we recommend using a fluidization hopper.

Surface preparation

Blast cleaning to grade Sa 2½.


In dry and cool conditions max. 12 months depending on the temperature (5 - 25°C).
Gloss Matt
Practical spreading rate 7 - 13 m²/kg depending on the film thickness.
Spraying CORONA
Curing time 30 min/200°C (metal temperature)
Colours Black. The original colour and gloss may change in high working temperatures.
Packages 20 kg.
Safety markings See safety data sheet. The powder itself is non-flammable, but with air it can form an explosive mixture that in presence of adequate ignition energy ignites. The lower explosion limit of typical powder coatings is between 20 g/m³ and 80 g/m³ (CEPE, Safe Powder Coating Guideline 8th Edition, 2020). Ventilation of the spray booth should be adjusted so that the concentration of powder in the air is less than 50% of the lower explosive limit value. On calculation of the powder concentration in the spray booth, the powder deposited on the workpiece is not taken into account. In order to avoid the discharge of powder from the booth into adjacent working spaces, the speed of air flow in the apertures of the booth must not fall below 0.5 m/s. Spray painters should wear dust masks and protective gloves. Any spatter of powder on the skin should be washed off with water and soap.
Gloss value 1-11