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INFRALIT PE 8317-10 is a TGIC-free polyester powder coating based on polyester resin. At elevated temperatures the powder melts, cures and forms the final paint film.

Suitable for product coating within the metal industry for objects that require a weather resistant coating that will not yellow on exposure to heat or ultraviolet light. Examples of use are e.g. constructions that are permanently outdoors. The suitability of the metallic colours of polyester powders for outdoor use should be discussed with the paint manufacturer.

INFRALIT polyester powders form a mechanically and chemically resistant paint film that has good anticorrosive properties. The surface has good gloss retention even in outdoor conditions. EN 45545-2:2013+A1:2015 Fire protection on railway vehicles. Requirement sets R1, R7, R10 & R17 - Hazard levels HL1, HL2 & HL3. Quality-System Approval (Module D) number EUFI29-19001263-MED and EC Type-Examination Certificate (Module B) number EUFI29-19003427-MED according to Marine Equipment Directive (2014/90/EU).

Technical data sheet

Other product specific documents

Gloss Matt
Recommended film thickness The recommended film thickness is 60 - 100 µm. When the film thickness exceeds 120 µm, water that evaporates in the curing process may form holes and bubbles in the paint film.
Curing time 10 min/180°C (metal temperature)
Approvals & certificates Marine Equipment Approval (Module D),Marine Equipment Approval (Module B),EN 45545-2
Gloss value 1-13