• Putty

FEINSPACHTEL RAPID is a water-borne acrylic light stopper that is ready for use.

Can be used for filling the small roughness on primed wood, plaster, concrete and primed steel. It can be overcoated with either water- or solvent-borne acrylic and alkyd paints. Before using the product, the manufacturer should be contacted to check the suitability of the product for the object in question.

FEINSPACHTEL RAPID dries quickly and can be applied several layers in a short period of time. FEINSPACHTEL RAPID fills well, is easy to sand down and stands 1000 µm of wet film thickness without cracking.

Technical data sheet

Total mass of solids abt. 1400 g/l
Weight solids abt. 82 % by weight
Volatile organic compound (VOC) abt. 0 g/l
Drying time – dry to use 1 - 2 hours depending on the application thickness. Low temperature and high relative air humidity slow down the drying process considerably.
Colours White