Teknos solutions for mouldings

High line speeds, short process times, low-VOC emissions – the requirements for the industrial manufacture of mouldings are demanding. Teknos presents all the right coating solutions at LIGNA.

Short process times play a decisive role in the industrial production of mouldings. They are also a key reason why Eesti Höövelliist chose Teknos. The Estonian company manufactures about 2,500 kilometers of mouldings every month at two production plants. The line speeds are high, which is why the manufacturer attaches great importance to the process properties of the coating as well as the surface quality. Eesti Höövelliist relies on TEKNOLUX AQUA 1728 to coat its solid wood mouldings, a modern Teknos coating that achieves short processing times through rapid UV drying.

TEKNOLUX AQUA 1728 is just one example of the many solutions that Teknos offers for industrial moulding production. Other examples will be on display at LIGNA. The extensive range of Teknos fillers, special primers, clear coats, and top coats meets all the most important requirements in this segment:

Water-borne paints

  • AQUAFILLER 1100. All-purpose water-borne filler with good filling properties. Suitable for spray applications (horizontal and vertical) and vacuum processes.

  • TEKNOCOAT AQUA PRIMER 1875. Water-borne filler with impressive filling properties. Good edge filling, low fiber raising, excellent surface smoothness.

  • TEKNOCOAT AQUA PRIMER 1867. New water-borne 1K special primer for sealing knots in pine wood. Extremely effective protection to prevent knots bleeding.

  • TEKNOCOAT AQUA PRIMER 1868. New water-borne 1K special primer for preventing discoloration from hardwoods. For white and light top coats on wood containing tannin and/or water soluble substrates such as oak, merbau, red cedar or similar. Extremely good sanding and drying properties, short processing times.

  • TEKNOCLEAR AQUA 1338. New water-borne 1K clear topcoat with excellent transparency and rapid hardening properties. Fully transparent, even after three coats. Outstanding flow properties, even with minimal application of 70 g/m². Available in gloss levels 10-60.

  • TEKNOCOAT AQUA 2550. Value engineered water-borne topcoat. Available in standard colors and gloss levels 10-35.

  • TEKNOCOAT AQUA 2575. Rapidly drying topcoat for vertical use. Extremely good blocking properties. Rapid hardening, short process times. Can be tinted with the TEKNOCOLOR tinting system.

  • TEKNOCOAT AQUA 2580. Water-borne topcoat for particularly resistant surfaces. Excellent filling and blocking properties, quick drying. Ideal for high-speed industrial processes. 

Water-borne UV paints

  • TEKNOLUX AQUA 1429. All-purpose water-borne UV, available as clear coat or 1728 as white topcoat. Extremely good blocking properties. Available in gloss levels 5-50. Produces highly resistant, abrasion-resistant wooden surfaces as per DIN 68681 class 1 B and IKEA IOS-MAT-0066 (class R2).

  • TEKNOLUX AQUA 1728. Water-borne UV for high quality wooden surfaces, available as a pigmented  or clear topcoat. Extremely short process times in combination with quick UV drying. Produces highly durable surfaces as per DIN 68681 class 1 B and IKEA IOS-MAT-0066 (class R2). Can be tinted with the TEKNOCOLOR tinting system.

For more information, visit the Teknos booth at the LIGNA exhibition, read the new Teknos brochure for wood interiors or consult your Teknos contacts.

Teknos solutions for demanding requirements

Teknos presents all the right industrial coatings for molding production.

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