A fast, efficient process to create perfect finished parquet

The new colourless wooden flooring finish TEKNOCLEAR AQUA PURE 4330-50 is easy to use and supports a fast industrial process without UV curing.

With conventional solutions, an industrial process to create natural surfaces for wooden flooring can be a compromise. Oxidative drying oils slow down the process by longer drying. UV-curing oils are 'faster' but require UV equipment and more energy for curing. The new water-borne 1K TEKNOCLEAR AQUA PURE 4330-50 from Teknos is an alternative here. Like a wax it combines a natural surface and good resistance while offering considerable benefits in processing. The product can be used for all wooden substrates and is optimised for industrial flooring production processes.


Combines a natural soft touch surface with and good resistance

Based on carefully chosen raw materials, the colourless TEKNOCLEAR AQUA PURE 4330-50 creates a perfectly natural finish that looks like an untreated surface. With an ultramatte gloss level of 2-3 it feels like a soft touch surface. No matting agents impairing surface resistance, however, have been added for this effect. Functional properties are very good even without additional sealing. TEKNOCLEAR AQUA PURE 4330-50 creates a hard-wearing, UV-resistant surface with good chemical and abrasion resistance. If even higher resistance is required, the product can easily be combined with Hydro or 100% UV primers and sealers. Build-ups with functional sealers to create special finishes are also possible.

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The new solution offers considerably benefits In processing. TEKNOCLEAR AQUA PURE 4330-50 has been developed for a fast industrial process with roller application and force drying, though it can also be dried at room temperature. With force drying by jet or IR dryer the workpiece can easily be hardened in the process and can be stacked immediately. A typical build-up with two layers and intermediate sanding is a matter of minutes only. The process is considerably faster than with oxidative drying oils. Compared to UV-curing oils, it requires no UV equipment and significantly less energy.

In terms of sustainability, TEKNOCLEAR AQUA PURE 4330-50 does not only convince by requiring less energy for drying. The product is water-borne, and 30% of its raw materials are bio-based. As a low-VOC, no smelling solution, it supports a modern, ecologically compatible production process. Compared to oxidative or UV oils, cleaning has less environmental impact too, as water-borne cleaners such as TEKNOCLEAN 6480 can be used. Furthermore, surfaces created with TEKNOCLEAR AQUA PURE 4330-50 can easily be repaired and renovated, which helps preserve resources by a longer life cycle. Teknos offers suitable renovation and maintenance products for this. Furthermore, a spray version of TEKNOCLEAR AQUA PURE 4330 for furniture applications is also available.

"TEKNOCLEAR AQUA PURE 4330-50 is a versatile, easy to use industrial solution for finishing wooden flooring. The product supports a fast, efficient process without UV curing, brings the benefits of a water-borne solution, and will create a high-quality, natural finish with soft-touch feel. That makes TEKNOCLEAR AQUA PURE 4330-50 a highly attractive alternative to conventional oxidative or UV-curing oils, including substantial benefits regarding processing and sustainability."

Benjamin Röse, Business Development Director Teknos Group

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Benjamin Röse
Business Development Director, Flat Panels & Flooring


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