Coating solutions for other Flooring types

Discover our coating solutions for other flooring types as well as our V-Groove WB Protection coating.


Laminate PVC Linoleum
Cork LVT Cement


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Teknos offers sophisticated solutions for laminate floors produced by the PDL process (Printed Direct Laminates). The PDL process allows rapid decor changes and an economical construction directly on the HDF substrate, consisting of a combination of waterborne, colour-imparting layers in combination with 100% UV protective lacquer coatings. Using anti-abrasive primer layers resistance classes can be achieved according to customer requirements. Our wide selection of different topcoats allows gloss grades, haptic structures as well as visual effects. 

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For PVC and SPC floorings, Teknos implements customized solutions that fulfil the highest requirements for cost-effectiveness, durability, and aesthetics. 100% UV primer for all commercially available substrates guarantee best adhesive properties. Topcoat solutions for conventional or excimer hardening or structures with digital printing and / or digital embossing enable an exceptional appearance and haptics. The Teknos solutions cover a wide range of application processes and modern, sustainable processes such as LED hardening.




Due to its elastic properties, Linoleum is mainly used in public areas, which demands highest possible levels of durability and high elasticity. Here, Teknos provides coating solutions like waterborne or UV-curing transparent protective coatings, which emphasise the ecological aspect and the naturalness of the substrate up to complete constructions for printed decor. 


Different cork qualities demand special functions of a lacquer system. For example, soft substrates require an increased elasticity of the applied coating, while at the same time extreme scratch- and abrasion resistance. We offer product solutions for transparent coating of natural cork as well as overlapping superstructures, like digitally printed decorative surfaces. 


Constant new developments in the field of carrier materials such as different LVT variants require special product solutions. With our comprehensive product portfolio, Teknos is your innovative development partner to realise your projects. We create complete assemblies, which meet special requirements of an elastic carrier like vinyl. In addition, Teknos offers special adhesion primer and full coating solutions for all types of stone plastic composites (SPC) as well as all types of PP and PET based substrates. 




Cement-based substrates place special demands on the coating system. Powerful Teknos solutions enable highly durable, visually convincing interior and exterior structures. With the watery UV or hydro UV primers, the substrate can be optimally prepared for the further coating process. Topcoats for matting create an optical and haptic added value thanks to conventional or excimer hardening, or structures with digital printing and / or digital embossing. LED hardening Teknos solutions can also significantly reduce process costs.


V-Groove WB Protection coating


V-groove lacquers have the task to protect the chamfered edge of the coated substrate against the penetration of water (swelling) and against soiling. In addition, v-grooves are a design element to enhance the look of laminate flooring.

The Teknos product portfolio covers all common requirements in regards to:

  • Gloss (matt and glossy)
  • Application (transfer wheel, vacumat, spray)
  • Substrate (cork, laminate, LVT)


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