Meet Teknos experts for a coffee

With 30,000 visitors and a high-level conference programme, WindEnergy Hamburg is a must for decision makers in the industry. Its the perfect opportunity to learn about state of the art solutions and connect with the right people. 

There will be a chance to arrange a meeting with one of  our experts in Hamburg. As a leading industrial paint producer, Teknos has decades of experience in corrosion protection and has been operating in the wind energy industry for a long time. 500+ wind turbine towers across the world are coated with Teknos paints. We offer a wide range of advanced coating solutions for on- and offshore wind turbine maintenance and manufacturing, with compelling advantages such as low-VOC coating, short process times, higher productivity, and considerable cost-out.

1-layer leading edge protection and blade repair solution - 6 times faster!

TEKNOBLADE REPAIR 9000 is a ground-breaking leading edge protection and blade repair solution. This is a fast-curing elastomer-based high-solid paint with 100% proportion solids, forming a protective elastic layer of 2-4 mm in just one coat. As a result, TEKNOBLADE REPAIR 9000 offers six times faster repair with less turbine downtime. Rain erosion tests prove an excellent durability for longer maintenance cycles. TEKNOBLADE REPAIR 9000 can also be used as a preventive edge protection on new rotor blades.

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Extensive product range for onshore and offshore environments

Teknos offers traditional solvent-based products as well as water-based and high solids paints for tower surfaces. Among the advanced solutions is TEKNODUR COMBI 3560. This high-solid polyurethane paint for wind turbine towers will achieve a highly-resistant corrosion category C3-H coating with just one layer. Higher categories can already be achieved with two layers. With a high solids content adjustable to a full 100%, TEKNODUR COMBI 3560 is the perfect alternative for paint shops striving to reduce their VOC emissions and improve their profitability.

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Maintenance-free boat landings with extremely durable and elastic polyurea

As a long-time expert in protecting assets in a marine environment, Teknos offers highly resistant coatings for protecting immersion and splash zones in offshore wind farms. One of the highlights is TEKNOPUR 300-800, an elastomeric polyurea coating for boat landings, monopiles and foundations. It is extremely durable and elastic, able to stretch nearly 400% of its own size without cracking. TEKNOPUR 300-800 gives excellent protection against mechanical impacts, minimizing damages to the anticorrosive paint system on the foundation.

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Short process times, higher productivity and considerable cost-out with our specially developed coatings for blades

For blades and other fiberglass reinforced composites, the Teknos portfolio includes a full high-performance system with putty, primer, pinhole-filler and the TEKNODUR 3572 top-coat. It gives excellent adhesion, low VOC emission due to high solids content, and fast drying at room temperature.

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A long tradition of developing and supplying paint products for components

There are also various Teknos paint systems for inner and outer surfaces of components, such as main shafts, hubs, generators, gearboxes, or flange joints. Solutions include TEKNOZINC (epoxy zinc), TEKNOPLAST (epoxy) and TEKNODUR (polyurethane) series.

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Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information

Let's meet in Hamburg

Manufacturers and maintenance companies in the wind energy industry face many coating requirements - and there are few that Teknos can not meet. So let's take the opportunity to meet during WindEnergy in Hamburg (27 to 30 Sept) and talk about it. Just send us an email or give us a call to make an appointment:

Claire McDermott

Business Development Director, Energy
clare.mcdermott [@]
+44 742 5402 171

Allan Bonde Jensen

Business Development Manager, Energy
+45 41894105

Palle Gustafsson

Chemical Engineer
+45 61 20 42 66

Kim Kjeldsen

Account Manager Wind Energy, Denmark
+45 2093 6867

Lars Gernoth

Business Development Manager, Energy, Germany
+49 157 823 161 91