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Technical center

In order to ensure the best results with Teknos coating systems our customers can receive individualised and tailored to the production needs of the company theoretical and practical training in the facilities of technical center in Vamdrup (Denmark).

Our technical centre is one of the most advanced in Europe, where you can simulate heat, humidity and other production conditions...experiment with application techniques...or train your company's own production personnel. Personnel involved in sales or technical operations can be trained in all aspects of wood coating. The tests with Teknos products and coating systems enable their examination in the real production environment.

It is a part of commitment to provide precisely the right solution for the needs of each and every customer. 

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Technical center houses equipment for treatment of complete window frames (flowcoating and spray coating systems), equipment for single components coating (a compact flow coating tunnel, special transport systems with pure line contact, a flat line automatic spray coating system, jet and OIR driers), putty machines, curtain and roller coaters, spray systems, convection drying (short- and mid-wave IR), UV drying with mercury and gallium lamps.

In order to arrange technical training of your personnel contact: Mark Hubbert, Technical Support Director,

Example training issues

- Wood species, wood-based materials and their treatment
- Chemical and constructive wood preservation 
- Control and adjustment of viscosity 
- Temperature and humidity 
- Drying and drying times
- UV curing settings
- Wet and dry layer thickness 
- Avoidance of processing errors
- Best practice examples 
- Safety precautions
- Equipment and machines in woodworking

Videos from our technical center 

Flowcoat is used to apply wood preservatives, primers and intermediate coats on wooden elements, both assembled and single parts.

Flowcoat tunnel is used to apply wood preservatives and primers on single parts of windows and doors, garden furnitures, balcony elements and cladding.

Hand spraying is used to apply topcoats and some intermediate coats. The system is cheaper in comparison to automatic spraying systems. The hand spraying is especially useful for small charges in special colours, as changing the colours is easy and quick.

Flatbed is used to apply intermediate coats and topcoats on single parts of windows and doors, garden furnitures, balcony elements and cladding.


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