The KIRJO TILE Roof paint extends the useful life of a tiled roof and improves the appearance of the entire house

Painting forms an essential part of the regular maintenance of a tiled roof. The KIRJO TILE Roof paint of Teknos extends the useful life of your roofing by protecting its surface from weathering.

At its best, the useful life of a tiled roof can extend to 50 years. Rain, sub-zero temperatures and other changes in weather decay, tint and discolour the tiles’ surface. While washing, moss removal and protective treatment work for a while, painting results in a true improvement of profile.

”The porous roof tile absorbs water when it rains. This water then freezes when autumn comes along and decays the tile. If left without maintenance, the roof’s condition will quickly turn poor,” says Teknos’ technical specialist Petri Sirviö.

”The paint forms a protective coating impenetrable to moisture on the surface of a concrete brick. Painting also radically changes the appearance of a concrete roof, particularly if you decide to paint it with a colour other than brick red. The fresh look often increases the value of the entire property,” says Sirviö.

KIRJO TILE, developed for the maintenance painting of old concrete and cement roof tiles, protects the tile and keeps it clean. It allows for changing the colour of an old tiled roof to a more pleasant one or one that sits better in its surroundings – which best reflects the atmosphere of the house: dark grey, brick red, brown or black?

KIRJO TILE makes painting easy and effortless to the average occupant of a single-family or detached house. KIRJO TILE is suitable for use with RENSA ROOF, intended for the washing of roofs.

KIRJO TILE Roof paint

- A water-thinnable, acrylate-based maintenance paint for concrete brick roofs
- Suitable for the painting of both factory painted and dyed-through concrete and cement brick roofs
- Protects a tiled roof from weathering
- Colours: dark grey, brick red, brown, black
- Full matt finish
- Packaging size: 10 l