Teknos Coating solutions for wind turbine blades

Teknos has developed paints and coatings specially for wind turbine blades. The Teknos product family for wind blades consists of a full range of products, from priming to finishing paints, and putties as well as repair solution for rotor blade leading edges.

Teknos’ advanced coatings technologies enhance the longevity of wind turbine blades and enable short process times, higher productivity and considerable cost-out. These paint systems for wind turbine blades have been proven in different environment to perform in atmospheres ranging from challenging to harsh. Our service includes the competent and committed support from our experienced application technicians. 

Blade coatings      Leading edge protection       

BLADE COATINGS - TEKNODUR 3572 high-performance paint system 

Surface of wind turbine blades or other fiber glass components.

Application conditions
Humidity must be below 70% RH at ambient temperature (15– 30°C) or at elevated temperatures.


  • TEKNOPOX 2118 Putty
  • TEKNODUR 3572-09 Primer
  • TEKNODUR 3574 Pinhole Filler
  • TEKNODUR 3572-02 Topcoat
  • TEKNOSOLV 9521/9526 Thinners
  • TEKNOCLEAN 6496 for 2K-equipment cleaning


  • Excellent adhesion and pull-off strength
  • High solid content and low VOC emissions
  • Designed for fast application with 2K-equipment
  • Smooth surface with desired gloss level
  • Excellent weather and abrasion resistance


  • Significantly improved application efficiency
  • No need for elevated curing temperature
  • Fast drying in normal room temperature
  • Extended blade and film life cycle
  • Suitable for different environments 
Properties of TEKNODUR 3572-02 Topcoat
Test Test method Result
Colour   As required
Gloss ISO 2813 15-30
Dry time (+23°C)  

To touch

1 hour
To handle 2 hours
To service 3 hours
Heating (+40°C) To handle No need
Dry Film Thickness area   70-150 µm
Density EN ISO 2811-1 1.45 g/ml
Adhesion Pull-off ≥ 8 Mpa

Leading edge protection


TEKNOBLADE REPAIR 9000 is a solvent-free coating with 100% proportion of solids and no VOCs. It can be applied with a coat thickness of between 2000 μm - 3000 μm (2-3 mm) and it forms a protective elastic layer. The product can be used both for a preventive leading edge protection (LEP) on new rotor blades and for rotor blade repair. While a 3-coat system is required in conventional systems, TEKNOBLADE REPAIR 9000 is capable of repairing damaged edges with just one single coat. And the edge protection withstands exposure for even longer. A true revolution in rotor blade repair!  


  • One product solution that has filler and LEP in one
  • The solution is supplied in complete kits of 6 or 24 sets that include cartridge (components A+B), mixer, spreader and squeegee

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