Teknos in the forefront of coatings companies to publish EPDs for its products in EUROPE

As one of the first companies in Europe, Teknos has published Environmental Product Declarations for a range of its products. ​The EPD is a standardized way of measuring a product's environmental impact. The EPD is based on the PCR EN 15804 standard published by the European Committee of Standardization (CEN) and ISO 14025 standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The declarations cover the life stages from cradle-to-gate.

The declarations include information on raw material acquisition, energy use and efficiency, raw material substances and chemicals used and the environmental impacts related emissions and waste for a specific product range. The EPD declarations are always production site related and the declarations Teknos publishes are Architectural Coatings produced in Rajamäki plant, Finland.

The EPD's are always published through an official channel and are approved by a verified publisher. The publisher of Teknos EPDs is the Building Information Foundation RTS sr in Finland.

Teknos has published EPDs for trade and construction products in three categories:

  • Water-borne interior paints
  • Water-borne exterior paints
  • Water-borne varnishes and furniture paints and coatings

"The EPDs particularly speak to architects and designers. The environmental impact of coatings can be seen as a part of a bigger entity: the environmental impact of a whole building. It is only a matter of time when EPDs are not just a competitive advantage but a starting point for the design", says Arto Mannonen, Managing Director of Teknos Finland. 

The EPDs have been published in English, Finnish, Swedish, Polish, Russian and Estonian.

"The EPDs are an independent, internationally recognized documents of the environmental impacts of our products. By utilizing the calculating methods we can also learn how to continuously improve our operations and make more sustainable choices related to e.g. raw materials, packaging materials as well as energy usage", Mannonen continues. 

For further information please contact: 

Product Manager Sini Puonti, p. +358 9 5060 9363

Project Manager, Marjo Remes,  p. +358 9 5060 9396