Historic brewhouse has a shiny new floor

Dick Mack’s Pub & Brewhouse in Dingle, Ireland, is famous for its local beer and selection of fine whiskeys. It also has a fascinating history spanning more than 160 years and now, a shiny new epoxy floor.

Reminiscent of the Teknos story which began in a henhouse, The Brewhouse story begins in a cowshed. The building, which today serves as Dick Mack’s Brewhouse, was built in the 1850’s. It was first used to milk short-horned Friesian cows on the ground floor, while in the loft above, the sheep wool was laid out to dry.

In 1899 it had a change of use and became Dick Mack’s Pub, selling Guinness, the world-famous stout, which the landlord bottled and labelled using a paste of flour and water. Over the years, the building saw many uses including as a storeroom for the bar’s kegs and deliveries. It also survived some of the worst storms that the Atlantic could throw at it.

Recreating the history of the Brewhouse

In 2015, Dick Mack’s grandson Finn, along with friends Aussie and Seamus, came up with the idea of recreating Dick Mack’s history of bottling and distributing Guinness sent by rail from Dublin to Dingle in large Casks over 100 years ago. True to their word they started work on renovating and refurbishing the old building.

Aussie, Finn and Seamus came up with the idea of recreating Dick Mack’s history.

Kees van Bladel, Technical Business Development Manager for Teknos GBI, recalls how Teknos first got involved in the project, “In March 2017, we were approached by Raymond Coffey, a small local civil engineering works in Dingle. They were assisting in the installation of a new microbrewery in Dick Mack’s Pub”.  

One of the old sheds in the back of the pub was gutted and a new concrete floor was poured. An epoxy coating system was recommended for the brewing area, consisting of two prime coats of TEKNOFLOOR 100F concrete varnish, and one coat of TEKNOFLOOR 500F epoxy coating, suitable for use in food preparation and packaging environments. Both the primer and the topcoat were applied by a roller to an even finish.

The floor surface was prepared by diamond grinding, using a 110-volt scan machine with three rotating heads and four sets of grinding diamonds per rotating head. After two days of preparation, the floor was primed and painted in two days. Five days later, the microbrewery was installed.

“Dick Mack’s Pub & Brewhouse are very pleased with their shiny new flooring. The brewery is now open for tours and tasting”, Kees van Bladel says.

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TEKNOFLOOR 500F Epoxy Coating

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