How to choose the right exterior colour

We have renewed our exterior colour chart to make it easier to find the right colour. The colour chart includes 112 exterior colours suitable and popular for outdoor painting. At the moment different shades of grey and black are trending.

Your own preferences are of course the main criteria for the colour of your home or summer cottage. The choice will also be affected by the surrounding buildings, landscape, zoning regulations and the building's architecture. There are few tips to make the choice easier. 


1. Remember trial paintings

trial painting-teknos-guide 

It is advisable to select an exterior colour on the basis of a trial painting on the building that will be painted. Trial paintings should be sufficiently large and the layer of paint should be opaque. The best way to review alternative colours is to keep the trial paint areas a good distance away from each other on different sides of the building. 

2.  Structure 

Structure-surface-exterior colour

The structure of the painted surface affects the perception of the colour. On a rough, sawn timber surface, the colour will appear slightly darker than on a smooth, planed surface. 

3. Distance

Distance-colour sample-exterior colour

When viewed from a distance, the painted facade will appear slightly lighter and more saturated in colour than a colour sample viewed close up. 

4. Season 

season-time of day-exterior colour

In addition to the surrounding landscape and buildings, the season and the time of day will affect the perception of colour, as will the weather.

5. Darkness of the colour

darkness-exterior colour

Light-coloured buildings stand out from their surroundings more clearly and are visible from a greater distance than darker buildings. 


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Please notice that the colours displayed on screen have been produced electronically. Always choose the final colour using standard colour cards available from your retailer.