The best outdoor paint just got even better

Since its launch, NORDICA EKO has represented the highest quality in outdoor paints. A new version was launched during the winter 2013.

NORDICA EKO House paint arrived in stores in the end of the 90s, as a result of a long product development effort. The first houses were test painted in 1995 and even today their surfaces look fresh and flawless. Being easy to spread and light to work with, NORDICA EKO soon established its position as the favourite choice for professionals. It is a superior outdoor paint – the one that lasts the longest while providing stylish protection for wooden houses.

As does the rest of the world, also house paints and their raw materials keep evolving – the new situation provides new opportunities to reach even higher overall quality. When NORDICA EKO entered the market it was a perfect product of that era, combining outstanding features in a remarkable, seamless way. As technologies develop, new room for improvement opens up.

Active product development ensures quality

Jaakko Soininen, a specialist at Teknos research and development laboratory, mentions that from the researcher’s point of view NORDICA EKO has always been a rewarding product. The level of customer satisfaction is high and the feedback generally positive.

– The raw materials keep developing and change is continuous, Jaakko Soininen enlightens the proactive role of product development at Teknos. – The change always offers new opportunities. Based on this kind of thinking, we began to study how NORDICA EKO could be further improved to an even better house paint.

During the research stage, various binders are typically tested under laboratory conditions. Also, a series of outdoor tests is carried out. Based on results the test paint is developed and used in one or more targets. After a year, measurements are taken to see how well the paint has performed.

Following these principles and steps, the updated NORDICA EKO was born. Jaakko Soininen says that compared to the previous version, three notable goals have been achieved.

- In the new NORDICA EKO, surface hardness is even greater than before – this enables the surface to stay cleaner. Also, water resistance has been improved. The new, more hydrophobic binder efficiently prevents for example rainwater from going through the paint film.  The new paint also spreads better. In practise, this means that when a paintbrush is put into the can, more paint can be lifted out. And, even if there is more paint in the brush, it is still convenient to apply.

All in all, the new NORDICA EKO manages to lift the overall quality of its successful predecessor to an even higher level. Thanks to the improved surface hardness and quicker final adhesion, the boards can be handled easier and faster. The process takes place promptly, without unnecessary waiting, and fabulous end result can be conveniently achieved.

In the new Nordica Eko, surface hardness is even greater than before – this enables the surface to stay cleaner.


Jaakko Soininen, Teknos Oy

Professional painters participating the development work

Teknos develops its products in close co-operation with professional painters to ensure the highest possible quality at all times. Certain factors and variables can be measured in laboratory conditions, but final assurance about paint’s quality and suitability can only be acquired in actual real-life situations. Jaakko Soininen mentions that in developing NORDICA EKO, test paintings played a significant role. The experiences and comments of professional painters about issues related to the use and performance, such as spreading, are of essential value.

Toni Nykänen is a painter whose company has used NORDICA EKO for a long time, also taking active part in the development work. The initial tests carried out at Teknos testing facilities provided first impressions about the behaviour of the new version. Nykänen has always appreciated the gloss and durability of NORDICA EKO, so the expectations towards the improved product are understandably high.

- NORDICA EKO is, in a nutshell, a true quality paint, Toni Nykänen sums up his company’s experiences. – It has always worked flawlessly and been an ideal choice whenever high quality and a long lasting surface have been the primary targets. Especially in challenging projects the exceptionally long maintenance interval is an issue that often tips the scales in the favour of NORDICA EKO.

Toni Nykänen believes that the renewal of NORDICA EKO will further increase the paint’s popularity also in professional use - even during the time of increased cost awareness, or perhaps just because of it. He has noticed that clients are willing to invest a bit more to a paint knowing that in return they get a great finish that lasts a lot longer than conventional alternatives. Also when it comes to paints, lifecycle cost means something completely different than merely the lowest price per litre.

- People seem to understand better that now, if ever, is the time to invest in quality materials, Toni Nykänen sums up the expectations from a professional’s point of view. – NORDICA EKO offers excellent properties and great, glossy surface that looks like a new oil paint. When oil paint clearly changes its appearance over the years, NORDICA EKO maintains its beautiful gloss practically throughout its lifecycle.

Experience has proven the point made by thorough laboratory tests; the new NORDICA EKO can meet and even exceed the modern outdoor painting’s requirements. As difficult as it might have been to believe years ago, the experts have, indeed, managed to further improve the best house paint in the market.